Metal Recovery from WEEE and Cable

Cable Recycling diagram

There is a wealth of valuable metals present in WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and cables. However, the recovery is often difficult due to the small particle size range and variable nature of the metals. With the development and launch of the ElectroStatic Separator [in 2020], Bunting now provides a complete multi-stage metal…

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Ensuring In-House Plastic Recycling Purity

Bunting-Plastics Internal Recycling

When re-processing in-house plastic rejects and waste, the purity of the final recycled plastic mix must be equal or at least very close to the original raw material.  Whether the re-processed plastic is for in-house use or as regrind for resale, the removal of any metal contamination is critical. Successful removal of metal contamination from…

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Permanent or Electro Overband Magnet Selection

Overband magnets

The Overband Magnet is one of the most commonly used magnetic separators.  Different designs are used in nearly all process industries and especially in mining, quarrying, recycling, and bulk handling applications. In operation, an Overband Magnet (or Suspension Magnet) sits above a conveyor carrying material.  As the material passes under the magnet, ferrous metal is…

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Bunting Secures Major Export Recycling Equipment Order

Eddy Current Separator ElectroMax

A large UK recycling plant constructor has ordered one (1) Eddy Current Separator and three (3) ElectroMax Overband Magnets for installation in a major overseas construction and demolition waste management project. “We were thrilled to secure this order at the end of a challenging year,” said Simon Ayling, Bunting’s European Managing Director. The UK-based plant…

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