Separation Technology Training for Chemical Engineering Students

Chemical engineering students at Bunting

During a specially arranged training day, Bunting demonstrated state-of-the-art separation technology to a group of 2nd-year Chemical Engineering students from the University of Birmingham.  The event was the first of two seminars arranged for industrial-focused students studying at the university.  The training days took place at Bunting’s Customer Experience Centre in Redditch, just outside Birmingham…

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Bunting-Redditch 2021 Review

Bunting Redditch Review 2021

Who would have thought, as we write this in December 2021, that the Covid-19 pandemic would still be headline news across the globe?  In addition, since the summer of 2021, a global shortage of materials, staff shortages, and transport delays matched with rising prices have created new challenges for manufacturing companies. Despite the background of…

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