Tissue Company Installs Bunting Metal Detectors

Bunting metal detector meTRON

A UK-based toilet tissue, facial tissue, and kitchen towel manufacturer has installed four (4) Bunting meTRON 07 CI Metal Detectors with integral conveyors.  With the health and safety of customers and users being paramount, the new Metal Detectors identify any final packed products contaminated with metal prior to leaving the manufacturing plant. Upgrading Metal Detectors…

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Five Magnetic Separator Myths

five Magnetic Separator Myths

Often ascertaining the best Magnetic Separator for any given application is not straightforward.  To complicate the decision-making process further, many companies supplying magnetic separators provide a wealth of information such as Gauss levels and the amount of metal that the Magnetic Separator can actually capture. Such details are often difficult to verify and may even be meaningless. In this…

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New Powder Coating Plant at Bunting-Redditch

New Powder Coating Plant

The newly refurbished and extended Bunting-Redditch facility now includes a new powder coating plant.  Powder coated painting produces a top quality finish and further enhances Bunting’s manufacturing standard. The Powder Coating Plant, installed by PB Metal Finishing Engineers, includes a gas-heated, air-circulated box oven; a water wash booth; a powder machine; and control panel assembly. …

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