Triple Accreditation for Bunting-Redditch

Bunting Denis Elkins

After a two-day remote audit by global certification body NQA, Bunting-Redditch has successfully been accredited for Quality (ISO9001:2015) whilst also gaining first time accreditation for Environment (ISO14001:2015) and Health and Safety (ISO45001:2018). This applies to the design and manufacture of Magnetic Separators, Metal Detectors and ElectroStatic Separators at the Bunting production facility in Redditch, near…

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Record UK Aluminium Packaging Recycling Rate

Aluminium packaging recycling

The aluminium packaging recycling rate in the United Kingdom rose to a record high of 56% in 2019, up from 52% in 2018 (Environment Agency data published by National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD and reported on the Alupro website). The business recycling target of 61% was also exceeded by 2% with the recycling of a…

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New ElectroStatic Separator

New electrostatic separator

The launch of the new Bunting ElectroStatic Separator is in response to enhanced material separation requirements in the recycling, plastics and minerals industries.  The ElectroStatic Separator uses tungsten electrode wire to generate electrostatic charges to separate dry liberated particles.  The new technology significantly broadens separation capabilities, opening up new opportunities for recovering materials from waste…

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Separating Fine Iron from Powders

Separating fine iron from powders

Effectively separating fine iron from dry powders is often challenging. Even the strongest magnetic separator may fail to successfully remove the magnetic particles. In order to find a successful solution, it is important to understand the way fine materials behave. Only then is it possible to determine the optimum method to cleanse a powder of…

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