Technology Drives Aluminium Recycling Success

Aluminium Recycling Success

The simple Aluminium Can is a perfect example of successful waste and recycling management.  In 2020, the recycling rate for aluminium beverage cans in the European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland stood at 72%.  This is up from 54% in 2010, although down from 75% in 2019. However, a 9% growth in consumption…

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Paper Abstracts for Physical Separation Conference

Rare Earth Roller

The Physical Separation ’19 conference The physical separation conference organised by Minerals Engineering International (MEI), is held at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom on the 13th and 14th June 2019.  The conference focuses on the application of physical methods to separate and concentrate minerals.  At the conference, Dr Neil Rowson will be…

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Iron Separation Technology at Ceramics UK Show

Electro magnetic filter

Successfully removing fine iron from ceramic slips and glazes is vitally important in any ceramics plant.  Such iron contamination is removed using high intensity magnetic separators like those on display on the Bunting and Master Magnets stand 1517 at the Ceramics UK show (10-11 July 2019, Telford, United Kingdom). Iron contamination causes surface defects (black…

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